5 Steps to choose a ceiling fan.

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for Your Room (Space)

Choosing the right ceiling fan is a critical aspect of interior design for energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and aesthetics. The following is a simple guide to describe the key factors and make it easy for anyone to choose the right ceiling fan.

Why Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan Matters?

Energy Efficiency: A well-selected fan can substantially lower your electricity consumption and reduce environmental impact at the right value.

Maintenance Cost: A fan is a long-lasting appliance, so one with a longer warranty and serviceability offers better long-term value.

Thermal Comfort: The right fan will provide the necessary airflow for your space, ensuring a comfortable environment at a low cost.

Aesthetics: A fan that complements your interior design enhances both the space and your comfort.
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Step 1: Size Matters

Selecting the appropriate size and number of fans for your space is crucial for optimal performance. The term 'span' refers to the diameter of the area the fan blades cover. In India, ceiling fans range from 24-inch to 60-inch spans.

A proper installation is important for the best performance of a ceiling fan. While choosing the right ceiling fan and installing it, ensure there is at least 1 foot of clearance between the blades and the ceiling, 2 feet from any walls, and a minimum height of 9 feet from the floor. Avoid any furniture are object that restricts the flow of air around the space of the ceiling fan. Learn more about ceiling fan installation here.

Sizing Guide:

  • Measure the room's dimensions (length and width).
  • Use the smaller dimension to determine the fan size from the table below.
  • Use the larger dimension to determine the number of fans. When the larger dimension is double the smaller dimension, the number of fans doubles.

  • The table shows dimension and corresponding fan sizes.

    Smaller Dimension Ft(M) Fan Size inches (MM)
    6 (2) 24 (600)
    7 to 9 (2 to 2.75) 36 (900)
    10 to 12 (3 to 3.75) 48 (1200)
    13 to 14 (4 to 4.5) 56 (1400)
    15 to 16 (4.75 to 5) 60 (1500)

    Please note that this may not work in every case. Always consider the space an occupant is likely to occupy and choose the size required to cover it.

    You can also choose the right size by using our ceiling fan size calculator here.

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    Step 2: Energy Efficiency

    As of January 1, 2023, ceiling fans in India are mandated to have the BEE star rating label, similar to other appliances like ACs, refrigerators, geysers, etc. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is an agency part of the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, and is the authority on validating this star rating of the product. The star rating ranges from 1 to 5, 1 being the least and 5 being the most efficient.

    This rating is an indicator of the efficiency of the product, in fan, this efficiency is measured with a parameter called service value. Service value is the ratio of airflow to energy consumed at the highest speed setting. This service value is then used to categorize the BEE star rating, 1 star being the least efficient to 5 stars being the most efficient. The image below indicates prospective savings for fans with each star rating category for a 48-inch 230 CMM ceiling fan.

    how to choose a BEE star rating ceiling fan

    Learn more about BEE star labeling.

    Learn more about BEE 5 star rated fans (BLDC fans).

    Step 3: High Speed vs. High Airflow Ceiling Fan

    Understanding the difference between high speed and high airflow ceiling fan is essential for achieving optimal thermal comfort. Fans can be designed to deliver airflow in two ways: by moving a small volume of air at a high speed or by moving a large volume of air at an optimal speed.

    High-Speed Fans: Traditional fans, often referred to as high-speed fans, rotate their blades at over 350 RPM to achieve the required airflow of 230 CMM (for a 48-inch fan). These fans are designed to move a smaller volume of air at a higher speed.

    High-Flow Fans: At Superfan, we've engineered blades that focus on moving larger volumes of air at an optimal speed, creating a breeze-like experience. This approach eliminates the constant air pressure and moisture loss with the occupant commonly associated issues with high-speed fans, making it ideal for those who find high-speed airflow uncomfortable on their faces and the constant pressure on them especially during sleep. High speed may be a potential cause for some who experience dryness in their nose and mouth tracts resulting in coughing fit in the morning while waking up. This high flow is designed to address these issues by minimizing its cause, high-speed air while maintaining the required airflow for comfort.

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    The choice between high-speed and high-flow fans is subjective and depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you enjoy the sensation of air pressure and the noise generated by high-speed fans, then a high-speed fan may be your preferred choice. On the other hand, if you seek a quieter, more comfortable airflow without the sensation of constant pressure, a high-flow fan would be more suitable.

    Learn more about high flow and high speed fans here.

    Step 4: Warranty

    A longer warranty often signifies a quality product. Superfan offers a 5-year warranty on the motor, complete with in-home servicing, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

    BLDC ceiling fan warranty

    Step 5: Aesthetics and Features

    The final step involves choosing the right ceiling fan that complements your room's aesthetics and meets your functional needs. Consider colors, blade shapes, and control options like remote control, lighting features, and IoT capabilities.

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    As you would have seen choosing the perfect ceiling fan is a multi-faceted decision. Superfan has several types, models, and colors of ceiling fans that could satisfy almost all your needs. Check out our catalog of products here. Our team can also assist you in choosing the right fan, please connect with us by WhatsApp or call at 9498057700.